What Number Of Miles Am I Able To Get Out Of My Subaru?

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This is the store where we went to have a small oil leak diagnosed in May of last year. The proprietor resolved the “oil leak” by applying a silicone seal around the vale cowl.
The gasket repair was solely warrantied for a yr so that is previous so I could be pretty upset if that was the issue. I have not changed the radiator or cap (the cap doesn’t look that old but the problem just began this summer). I wouldn’t suspect air within the line though that is possible. Thank you in advance in your time and thanks for having such an excellent place to come back for reviews and data. The only other store we had been to following our transfer was ~20 miles away.
This car has never had one mechanical concern and does not use more than 1 quart in between changes, which it has accomplished since new and is within Subarus specs. I might be becoming my fifth the pair of tires soon and don’t rotate in between modifications. I at all times experience even wear and use the automotive off road in all probability more than average. I’ve been operating Yokohama Geolander AT/S all terrains for the reason that originals were replaced after 50k miles. I might be getting my 2016 Outback early subsequent year and hope that it serves me in addition to this one. To the Turbo, the 2005 Outback that was my wife’s automotive till we bought it to a buyer, has extra mileage on it then the one in query and has by no means had a turbo replaced. I in fact changed the oil each 3000 miles, and inspected the oil feed line filters, every 60k.

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I have hassle telling anybody to buy a 2013 due to the possibility of shopping for one that may use oil, there’s not a check that would ever be accomplished to know if this could be an issue with the car, solely time would tell. So you can purchase a car that technically checks out, but makes use of 2 quarts in between oil modifications, have this drive you crazy, or not keep up on it and ruin the engine. Without seeing the automobile its powerful to say how the remainder of the car checks out. If its simply the top gasket it wouldn’t make sense to take it back. But Id plan on the timing belt and parts as nicely. I would let you know to have a pre buy inspection performed by an excellent Independent Subaru shop.
Smoke Shop in Gilbert town, Arizona
Last yr around this time, I started noticing small oil spots on the driveway. We have been new to the world where we stay and out of the driving range of our old mechanic. We took it to an unbiased store with great Yelp reviews. There my husband was advised that the valve cowl was the supply of the leak. The shop proprietor stated he had had success by applying a silicone rim to the world that might maintain as much as a year.

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Just earlier than sale they changed the water pump, Timing belt, thermostat, and rear wheel bearing. I was told the top gasket drawback was mounted by 2009. do you feel I can rise up to 200,00 miles on this automotive with scheduled maintenance? I just need to get more miles out of it to get the kid via school!
I know you say these vehicles can go as much as 300,000 miles & at that value if we only received 1-2 years out of it I can be joyful. Just concerned about what dankstop round australite stone pipe of attainable repairs/ bills we could be taking a look at for this model & mileage. I’m at present taking a look at a used 2012 subaru impreza with a 300,000++ miles on it. They are promoting at a very good value, $3000. According to the salesperson, the automotive is driven mostly on highways and it’s beforehand owned by a medical firm. How many more miles can a typical impreza last if i had been to buy it? Considering the age of the car, its considered new but its simply the high mileage that i’m involved about.

I am shut to purchasing a 2004 Subaru Forester and has 200 thousand miles. Single proprietor and he has modified the engine at 140 thousand miles. Breaks and pads and different repairs need to be carried out and it will price me no less than $3000. Will it run for an additional a hundred thousand miles if i get it repaired and take care of it regularly. No frills but as I petite it has perfect view from all sides. I had by no means heard concerning the gasket issue; nonetheless, I had a 2003 Outback. I never did anything but common upkeep on the automotive, which I did religously, for the ten+ years I owned it.
I’d like to talk him down somewhat bit on the price of it since it does have such excessive milage. I even have been studying lots of your publish and have discovered fairly a bit. I have two Subarus, a 2000 and a 2001 Outback restricted both bought within the previous few years. The 2000 has not had any points and presently has about miles but I anticipate I will have to due a gasket change finally which I will because the automobile is in superior situation and I have only needed to do the air conditioning. Because of the good experience I had with that car, I picked up an identical 2001.
So that is primarily based on shop information, not internet lore. We just don’t see folks that truly maintain their automotive with oil adjustments each three months or 3000 miles as in four oil modifications a yr end up with engine harm on an unmodified car. At 167,000 miles the pinnacle gasket needed to be done along with the motor mounts and the transmission mount. That set us back $2300 at an unbiased shop. Not 24 hours out, and the car, which as much as that point sounded and drove more solidly than it had in years, lost energy on the freeway and the engine wouldn’t flip over.
I have as a company provided vehicle a 2013 Outback 3.6 Unlimited with 197,000 miles and going robust. I change the oil every 5k miles and go for a serious service every 50k miles. It’s never had brake sneakers fitted, and at the 150k mile service insisted they put new pads and turn the rotors. Unbelievably, yocan pandon vaporizer where I service it said they only couldn’t justify the cost since it still had over forty% pad life left. I tow on occasion a trailer with quads or a Rzr and quad at the limits of the Outback and not using a downside, and that features some steep grades to Flagstaff.

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What I have tried to convey and no one listens to, is the business normal is about 1 quart every 1000 miles as being an acceptable amount of consumption. the thought process sometimes is because the car ages tolerances turn into bigger and that may permit for higher oil use, now when a new automobile uses oil that rule does not apply its now situation the place you the owner have work to do. So I understand you might be upset but here is the place issues seems to get complicated for a lot of. So the assertion about it being associated to compression is inaccurate. It’s a checks and balance system that doesn’t permit for nice customer service it’s a sport of poker between two corporations. I truthfully don’t assume it is okay for a model new automotive to eat quarter of oil each one thousand miles. I actually have purchased a model new outback 2013 with handbook transmission and by now I drove 11,000 miles and never!
I’m a little less than 3 years to retirement. Looking on the outback limited, my query is, should I get a .6r lease return or get the new 2.4xt? This automotive will hopefully be our last car into retirement for years to return. Turbo engines have a higher stress load and generally don’t final as lengthy. 260,000 is getting up there, the value I assume appears truthful, however I simply don’t know the market the place you reside, I suppose as long as the automotive checks out, paying close consideration to major mechanical kind of issues you should be okay. One thing I will stress is a car with greater miles like that ensure you get to comprehend it and that includes checking the oil heaps and sometimes to see if it uses any in between oil changes.
The Forester is my son’s for college and I want an AWD as a result of I reside at 9000 feet within the Rockies. My thought course of was with the two cars I may be able to make it 6 years or so after which purchase a 3 yr old Subaru with low miles a couple of years earlier than I retire. I drive a hundred and ten miles spherical trip on a regular basis and drive the Prius for gas mileage and the Outback for snow highway days. I truly do wish I might ask my husband for advice. Any information for me to go to the mechanics with can be a giant assist, along with any comments about typical quality of that yr / age Subaru, and whether I need to fret about the oil going very low a pair occasions.
I had heard a clicking and clacking noise on and off so it appears this will get resolved now additionally. Oh and my examine tire stress mild has been on for 2 years. I received the sensors thrown into the price as nicely. So mainly I simply wished to say thanks for all this information you’ve dankstop hamburger grinder posted. I feel better in regards to the invoice then having to make new car payments. The car was owned by an older man who babied the car and stored up on it and this proprietor that’s promoting it has saved it inventory as well and has also saved it nicely maintained.


We coasted over to the facet and had a two truck bring the automotive two hours again new products to the shop. I just bought a 2006 Tribeca with 80K miles.
Unfortunately, it has had plenty of problems and I even have dumped a cramp ton of $ in it. It had 145K miles after I purchased it and I did do the head gaskets which I expected to do. Unfortunately plenty of different issues keep occurring. The most current issue is that the car is periodically overheating.
Beside the leak and a few slippage from the tranny ought to I be worried to take this automobile on the highway for that long? I simply was wondering in regards to the forester 99 and its basic reliability. Loving Subaru and proudly owning one myself I am joyful to return across this weblog. Right now I personal a ninety nine Subaru Forester with 210,000 miles. I obtained it with an oil leak for tremendous low cost (1,300$) 2 years in the past and I have just saved an eye and refilled the oil when low.
Myself I am back in one other Subaru Outback Ltd . I love it for my work and the snow I must drive via four-5 months a year. My hubby just bought a Subaru Forrester with the eyesight feature San is proud of it save for sluggish gear shifting he feels. I can happily say I simply hit the 240k mark and everyything is runing fine.
I used to do most of my own repairs when I was younger so I actually have greater than a mean understanding of some mechanics. I am getting to old to be doing any main stuff however have enjoyed drawback fixing and fixing smaller points. So I guess what I hoped from you is maybe a listing of potential considerations that would match the state of affairs.
Smoke Shop in Gilbert town, Arizona
What I can let you know in studying your very long and troubling post is that its just been serviced by all of the incorrect folks, maybe not at every service however for at least the vast majority of what you could have written about. Also issues can’t be delay on a automotive for a week whenever you notice an issue, its a stop driving it kind of a factor. Oil leaks and “blown head gaskets” are two separate things one is an oil leak the opposite is catastrophic. The mileage he has reached, despite common upkeep, scarcely made it past one hundred twenty,000 before all manner of drawback occurred. I am in NYC right now and I plan to drive back to CO which is roughly 2,000 miles.
We are misplaced when it comes to who to trust as a result of we are relative newcomers to where we stay. The car was maintained after it went out of vendor guarantee by the identical shop — over 15 years as customers! — till we relocated greater than eighty miles away. That first year after the transfer, we had an alternator, power steering pump, rack-and-pinon boot(?) and an axle changed.
In January 2020 discovered oil weeping from each head gaskets . I by no means needed to add oil in between oil adjustments. My mechanic suggested using Lucas Oil stop leak for now, which I did (I know that you just advise against using any of those cease leak components! Sorry.) In March 2020 I replaced the radiator, both hoses, and thermostat.
But after reading this thread it makes me worried that subaru will accept and permit one thing like this to happen. I am looking at a 1999 Subaru Forester with 197k miles. They are asking $3000, however I am questioning if the automotive is price that, with such excessive mileage?
A lot of instances when we think about how many miles to get out of a car we get really centered on the engine, however there is much more to contemplate. I simply don’t want anyone to purchase a possible drawback.

How Many Miles Can I Get Out Of My Subaru?

All automobile makers do that and it is extremely confusing and generally frustrating. In the Puget Sound area just about each automotive proprietor out there may be going to fall underneath the severe class. As customers there’s this natural need to need to lower your expenses.
The sensor begins reporting as soon as ranges attain a sure share. We are both dankstop sun teardrop hand pipe currently driving newer Subarus.
Now that doesn’t mean every shop would do this however the perfect would. We know higher, we all know that if shop A did this, that, or the other thing, and now we are coming in on high of that work, we should make certain the repairs we’re making wont be impacted by another’s work. Then we give you the choice to make any other repairs we see that have to be accomplished, we’ve an adult conversation and also you get to determine. If you decline idlers, tensioner, timing belt or a fastener repair even if they have been accomplished a few years again and one fails it’s your child. If it’s a fastener issue and we don’t provide the possibility and we took it off and did one thing incorrect it will be ours.
Recently I took it in to fix the leak, and the mechanic screwed me by simply fixing the top gasket, and not the other leak in the rear valve. Subaru changed the HG at 92K, but they’re leaking externally again. Not much oil being lost AFAIK, and no coolant mixing but,but when I am going to maintain the automotive I comprehend it needs to be done because the leak has been growing. In the recent previous brakes all around, exhaust from CC again, entrance axles, tranny fluid trade has all been done, together with a number of minor suspension components similar to tie rod and wheel bearings. AC and water pump have been done by previous proprietor ~145K.

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A 2009 Forester is a good possibility, however not everybody would be the identical and also you need to make sure the automobile you have in mind is an efficient automotive not a theory. PS. I forgot to mention I can’t hold the Prius alone.
Smoke Shop in Gilbert town, Arizona
I am the unique proprietor of a 2003 Forester 2.5X automatic. I’ve basically done all the upkeep as required within the manual. Was utilizing premium fuel until 2013, when I switched to regular octane. Replaced timing belt, water pump and thermostat in 2013 at 54,000 miles.
This can actually be carried out without sacrifice to the longevity of your Subaru. The high quality of elements used and the information of the vehicle are crucial. Saving somewhat cash on automotive maintenance isn’t the identical as saving cash on a pair of shoes. The high quality difference may be very apparent with a lesser priced pair of sneakers as you might be walking in them, however the difference in automotive service might take a while to be realized. If the original part in your Subaru lasted 5 years and a lesser high quality replacement only lasts 18 months what have you gained. The finest stored secret on the way to reach 300,000 along with your Subaru is to establish a great relationship with a great shop that specializes in Subaru service like All-Wheel Drive Auto.

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Shop will replace HG with Fel-Pro MLS for $1600 and likewise is saying I could use rear shocks and a sway bar for a number of hundred extra. Hi, I am considering buying a 2000 Subura Outback with 221,000 miles on it for my daughter. The present private owner has only had for two years & not a lot data before then. They mentioned runs good, no issues however it is not inspected and does have some rust over rear wheel well. I will definitely have a pre purchase inspection done however am involved in regards to the excessive mileage.
  • Just earlier than sale they replaced the water pump, Timing belt, thermostat, and rear wheel bearing.
  • I just lately purchased a .5 subaru legacy with 117.000 miles on it.
  • It appears to have a clean service document per carfax with 32 service data with oil adjustments and fundamental upkeep.

The gaskets had been done two summers in the past, along with some other repairs. The automotive simply passed a seller’s inspection, with the one warning being for attainable rear brake work within the distant future . Other than that, it was given a clean bill of well being. Hi PJ, Just on your info we owned a 1998 Subaru Outback Ltd and we drove it until it had 293,000 miles and it was still operating very well at the moment. Driving higher than a associates new Chevy Cavalier I seen at the time.
He stated the restore the automotive wanted can be expensive but did not educate my spouse about the supply of the problem monitoring again to a failing head gasket! So the area was caulked with silicone and my spouse was told to have the job repeated if he noticed any more leaks. You shouldn’t buy it primarily based on your impressions, you need to instead have pre purchase inspection carried out regionally by a shop that is aware of Subaru, and let them tell you if the automotive is worth buying. I understand that isn’t going to be convenient, however it will save you from a possible headache if the automobile doesn’t Check Out. 2006 Outback 2.5i, 343,000 miles and climbing. used the six star head gaskets distributed by you and have stored up on maintenance and care.
When the HG is changed the tensioner must be eliminated to either substitute or compress the piston into the tensioner housing to install, so the shop that replaced the HG doesn’t seem to perhaps be telling the whole story? There are three idlers as nicely that every one have bolts that connect them to the engine, so which one is the issue? The tensioner mounting bolt, the geared idler that mounts to the Waterpump, the flanged loafer or the double bearing loafer that bolts to the engine?
I actually need to hold this automotive so long as potential, so long as it’s still dependable. I don’t thoughts spending money on this automobile, however not if it’s going to turn into a money pit and greater than it’s value. I’m debating whether to go to the mechanic and have it repaired correctly, and attainable doing the head gaskets too. Alternatively, I’m contemplating using Bar’s Liquid Aluminum stop leak and see what happens .
The problem for us was the rusting body and if you have a look at Subaru’s of that classic you will notice all of them tend to rust around the rear wheel portion of the car. We maintained the automotive comparatively properly despite those many miles and didn’t have any major points.
There isn’t any inspections that can be carried out as a part of a pre-buy inspection that will save you from a automotive that makes use of extra oil. You would additionally need to know what sort of Reman engine was done, anything other than a Subaru Factory short block plus a local machine store rebuilding the cylinder heads would inform me to not think about it. Internal oil leak damaged 2 cylinders and clogged up cat converter. Estimate to repair is $1900 and contemplating simply retrieving the vehicle. But in order for this to work and so that you can really care for this Forester the best method, you must be tremendous honest together with your self about how its being used.
It is not actually in my budget to purchase a brand new automotive. I even have had repeated problems with the engine over time. My automotive was overheating fairly a bit and I did have work accomplished but it continues to have an issue. My mechanic says that it is probably the pinnacle gasket. I am considering buying a used engine, one which has 84, 000 miles on it for $2000 to put into the automobile. I guess I am attempting to determine if it is a first rate method to hold this car on the street.
thank you for all that you do, this subaru is living its potential as a result. many unique components, have solely changed head gaskets, cylinder heads at 325k, cv axle boots, catalytic converter, o2 sensors, swaybars and swaybar hyperlinks, rear lateral hyperlink bushings, wheel bearings, tie rods and balljoints. car is in very good situation and hardly appears prefer it has 80k from the outside. she runs very nicely and will proceed to for many more miles. It must have an entire inspection done by somebody conversant in Subaru prior to essentially trusting it to take care of your son in his commute. The common things for that mannequin would be wheel bearings, and a potential oil leak from the top gaskets.
I recently bought a .5 subaru legacy with 117.000 miles on it. It seems to have a clean service record per carfax with 32 service information with oil modifications and primary maintenance.


Yesterday when checking the standing of the oil leak , I observed proof of coolant leakage above the thermostat housing, seemingly from where the water pump connects to the motor. I also now noticed that the coolant stage in the reservoir was a little bit low, however have seen no drips of coolant.
Smoke Shop in Gilbert town, Arizona
What I can say at a minimum is it simply doesn’t sound right. When we exchange head gaskets we remove and inspect as per the restore procedure.

My daughter drives this car and she says when it happens she simply put the heater on and that seems to resolve the problem. Seems odd to me that that is occurring when we simply did the head gasket just over a year ago. It doesn’t appear to be leaking or burning radiator fluid or oil. My daughter says it mainly occurs when the automotive has sat in the solar a long time after which she drives it on the freeway. We have what we consider to be a reputable mechanic, nevertheless I actually have had a number of mechanics try to pull one on me which has left me with some belief issues.
In your house owners handbook you will discover two totally different maintenance schedules one is regular and the opposite is extreme. The real objective of this is to provide the car producer a way to present automobile ownership costs over a time period. By having a upkeep schedule that requires less upkeep, the car manufacturer is able to lower advertised ownership costs.
While outcomes will range and the big variable is always how nicely the automotive has been maintained, what I can tell you is a Subaru is able to going 300,000 miles. And if you’re a daily upkeep type of proprietor you need to count on to get that kind of mileage out of it. The decrease end of a Subaru engine is nearly bulletproof as long as it is never starved for oil they may final a really long time with out ever needing repairs. We have done a number of head gasket repairs on Subaru’s with over 200,000 miles and the cylinder partitions of the engine block still look great. The real key to getting probably the most out of your Subaru is figuring out your driving habits and arising with a maintenance schedule that matches.
My questions is, does the Tribeca have the pinnacle gasket issues the two.5 engine does? Also, does this automobile have a timing chaing or belt? I can’t discover something that claims when I ought to change the timing chain/belt. Hi Justin, I went in for my traditional oil & filter change and got hit with the pinnacle gasket information. Your posts based mostly nucleus stacked inverted showerhead perc bong upon my ‘extreme’ utilization at seventy five,000, the 2008 Forester age and the repair funding towards an extended life , helped me resolve to go forward with a big restore bill at San Francisco bay space costs! This covers the HG, proper and left cylinder heads, timing belt and associated elements.
Unfortunately, when it blew it totally blew. All the seals were leaking and the head gaskets went. I suppose it’s a total crap shoot as to how long a car will final. I’m a bit dissatisfied as I planned on keeping it a pair extra years, but I for certain got my cash out of that automotive. I’m transferring on to a Toyota Highlander for this new automobile purchase. I just don’t purchase the hype that every one these vehicles can get tons of of thousands of miles without major repairs or whole engine replacement.

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I am trying into buying a 03 forester here in New Zealand. The car doesn’t have any upkeep records with it. I noticed a sticker beneath the hood saying the timing belt was accomplished at 105K miles someday in 2006. I did a carjam and seems like the automotive was a company car for in regards to the first 7 years of its life and was driven about 100 miles a day- which makes me believe it is freeway miles. Drives really well for the mileage and issues are very stable and snug . Fresh fluids, very clean leather-based interior, paint is sweet and throughout looks strong. Very clear underneath the hood (I think the owner simply washed/cleaned it good- which I want he hadn’t).
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